Breast Clinc in Busan
  Breast & thyroid total clinic

We will protect the health of your breasts, and Thyroid

Medical service

Benign Disorders, Mammotome, Breast reconstruction, Mammaplasty, Gynecomastia, Inverted nipple

Introducing our Hospital

Curing all breast and thyroid Disease with personalized treatment plans
Mothers Hospital’s Our breast cancer treatment and thyroid therapy is sophisticated and specialized than common University Hospital treatment Center

Mothers Hospital will be involved with every step of your breast cancer treatment with regular mammograms, diagnosis, treatments and follow-up consultation

Mothers Hospital is always ready to help you with breast health and tyroid diseases. You can call or visit our hospital now for a free counseling about your breast health and thyroid diseases.


Special Coordinator for Cancer
TEL 051-790-3984 FAX 051-552-0233

* Office Hours
MON~FRI 09:00AM ~ 06:00PM
SAT 01:30PM ~ 03:00PM
Break Time 12:30AM ~ 02:00PM


280, Chungnyeol-daero, Dongnae-gu, Busan, Korea
Busan subway line 4. Nangmin station exit 2